There’s Plenty More Fish in The Sea. Right?


We’ve seen ads by Republic of Everyone before and if those didn’t strike you, nothing will. It was just a matter of time before an artist made an installation to raise the awareness of a growing problem. ”The Catch” was made by a British artist Julia Lohmann during her stay in Sapporo, Japan. Problem: 80% of the bluefin tuna caught in the Mediterranean is sold in Japan. Lohmann made a wooden structure to carry 500 fishing crates with the help of fishing wire that holds everything in place.

“The Mediterranean is at the point that if bluefin stocks are not actually collapsing, they are approaching collapse,”

/carry on reading sushi lovers


I came about this topic a while ago; there was a big article about it in the National Geographic and now I found it online. ”In 1996, Croatians who had developed techniques for fattening southern bluefin in Australia established the first Mediterranean tuna ranch, in the Adriatic. The process is simple. Newly caught bluefin are transferred to coastal sea cages, where—for months, even years—they are fed oily fish such as anchovies or sardines to give their flesh the high fat content so prized in Japan.” Please click here to read the whole article.

Tsukiji fish market, Tokyo

(via: TreeHugger )


1 Response to “There’s Plenty More Fish in The Sea. Right?”

  1. 1 Josh December 5, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    loved the way you said it, keep it coming! קידום אתרים

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