Of course.

How to work better.

DIY Trabant. Go on, I know you want to.

A new study measuring satisfaction.

Dear God by The Cool Hunter | belief, confessions, death, dream, faith, family, friendship, hope, humor, joy, love, money, sex, work, stress

cuboccflash.jpg A flash animation you can control by moving your cursor.

crackedscreen.jpg Cracked LCD Display Wallpaper – 1680×105

jameswhite.jpg Beautiful Crazy | James White – Flickr and Webpage

appelizedjobs.jpg Steve Jobs appleised

ymck.jpg YMCK 8bit beauty

iminyournurbz.jpg 3D modeling LOL cat

ibroke.jpg Ha :D Click on the image to view more messages. (Thanks to Matt, the Alaskan stallion)

bird.jpg Jino-kang bird. (Thanks to Nastja, the queen of all poultry in the universe.)

marcjohn_rabbit.jpg Marc John

craftsmanskeletonad.jpg Craftsman Skeleton Ad by Y&R. WOW!

candlecannon.jpg Colle + McVoy for Erbert & Gerbert’s sandwich shop 20th birthday

imashark.jpg The Singing Shark.

machinemolle.jpg 80’s graphics by Machineolle for Justice, music video ‘Dance’.

yeswecan.jpg Yes We Can – Will.I.Am and the Barack Obama supporters.

gq_theidealman.jpg The ideal man does not exist.

babyinstructions.jpg Instructions for taking care of a baby.

psyop.jpg Not your usual Valentine’s day video but definitely one I’d use to say how much I love you =)

360cockpit.jpg Buttons! The 360° airbus cockpit.

1dollarblocks.jpg The F word at its finest. One dollar blocks for sale.

leeteyes.jpg l337 eye chart.

moscow.jpg Moscow – environmental problems (photo: Alexander Petrenko)

cyrillic.jpg beautiful crazy | Tychomusic.com

imaschizophrenic.jpg I’m a schizophrenic.

adidaslerstory.jpg The story of Adi Dassler – a wonderful animation of a man behind Adidas. I /// my Sambas ! (when on site, click ‘watch the film’)

arcadefire.jpg Arcade Fire – ”Black Mirror”. Mod the video as you please.

shilo.jpg Shilo for Cartoon Network. Yea tell ’em where the real shizz’s at.

livingpatterns.jpg Living Patterns.

yardsale.jpg Yard sale today :} (Found)

oops.jpg What.

gooddesignishonest.jpg Good design is honest.

thejoyofnotbeingsoldanything1.jpg The joy. (via: Flickr)

fatherhood.jpg Ahh… quality time.

moonwalk_resize.jpg Moonwalk.

Chair Timeline

itmeansiloveyoumom.jpg Found.

keepcalmandcarryon.jpg Keep calm.

calgary88.jpg Canadian Design Resource (via ffffound)

twofuckingyears.jpg Haha. :D

blackbird.jpg Blackbird video. Have nightamares. Forever.

noweveryonewillknow_hummer.jpg Hummer.

macbookair.jpgThe New Apple MacBook Air. World’s thinnest notebook.

blondhairmap.jpg Blond hair map. (source: ffffound)

studiolopapercases.jpg Paper Cases from Studio LO. Download for free here. Don’t make it look like a preschool project.

lolagettingoffcigarettes.jpg Getting off cigarettes ad.

poster3041.jpg Ok now I feel like having a cup myself. Poster 3041. Check the whole directory, tehy’re really nice.

abigailreynolds.jpg Next time you complain about your urbanism model…

10 Creepiest Old Ads. Oh hell wtf :D (thanks Drej)

thegreatjoy.jpg True muahaha. Eat your heart out miss highschool math teather, you know who you are.

hamster.jpg :D :D Cutest hamster. Ever. Click here to check the video.

eamesstamps.jpg Eames Stamp, USPS 2008

sadarvuga.jpg Mreže progresivne arhitekture

tokyoscotthansen.jpg Tokyo 2016, Scott Hansen

keepitsimple.jpg One of my favorite reminders when I’m working.

skatelife.jpg Skate Life 1988 | A notcot Gallery of Skateboard Inspired Sculptures and Paintings by J. Shea and Freddi C

ihavetogo.jpg Cute :D (FOUND magazine)

oetzal.jpg Hooray for the Ötzal Jumping Boy

japanesegrandpaskates.jpg Ok.

waisouthpark.jpg Me in Southpark. Make your own =)

applepredicton.jpg 15sec clip – The new Apple MacBook Plus prediction by Axel de Roy

Rastafari, Reggae, Jewes and Zionism – An article @ The Sudanese Thinker. Way cool, thanks.

theverticalfarm.jpg The Vertical Farm | download pdf – The Vertical farm by Waimond Ip (why isn’t this on the blog? because it shouldn’t be news my friend, it’s old)

shigeichirotageuchi.jpg Shigeichiro Takeuchi


Beautiful crazy | My home (photo by Hep/Primoz the local stud :D )

nesteov1061.jpg Neste Oy (ffffound via flickr)

0%$&=#!@}!!!Just got out of a meeting. I’m feeling so trash metal.

theshackathinklefarm.jpg I should have just become a shepherd. As an architect I can just build shacks but probably never enjoy them. Cubicle monkey idiot. =/ The Shack At Hinkle Farm

shoutoutloud.jpg GigPosters.com, ShoutOutLouds, Johnossi, Nico Vega


Tree stool, Emanuelle Jaques, 2005 (Ecolect)


A glimpse of my new year’s vacation. Look at that. Sure it’s green all around, but gosh darn it, I wouldn’t be a trooper if I didn’t ride down that hill (while my lazyass friends were sipping tea down in the cabin).


Ouch. I guess I had that one coming. My response is zero though. So there! :D

(for all of you nimrods who haven’t seen the brilliant AIA flyers yet, here’s a link)


it’s come to my attention that my site could look like this on your computer. blah blah yuck eww i don’t know why that happens

Senator Obama Barack speach

(thank you Drima @ The Sudanese Thinker)


wtf? bright idea

(found on fffound)


Neat. Watch it.


(via fukung)


beautiful crazy | Air Canada


beautiful crazy | Doomdrop Art Print

beautiful crazy | Ian Cyborg


beautiful crazy | Toje I Las


beautiful crazy | hits paper


Shirley Manson for PETA | here’s the rest of your fur coat


beuatiful crazy | Hans Hartman


beautiful crazy | Graphic ExchanGE


well as long as it makes sense





P.S: Bacon for life! :D


Palisades Concrete Pier House


Aw, this makes my heart flutter =)

Richard Meier Jubilee Church


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