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Saving Neutra’s VDL House


In 1932, the Dutch architect Richard Neutra built this villa in Sliver Lake, LA, California. After some years a garden and a solarium were added along with two new floors on the existing prefab basement structure. The house is in its 70’s now and a campaign is being raised by Cal Poly Pomona College of Environmental Design, The VDL Advisory Board and Dr. Raymond Neutra to help fund the renovation of the building. It is threatened to be closed, possibly sold to a private party and lost for any educational or public cause. Best of luck to the fund raisers.

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Fujiya Ginzan | Kengo Kuma


In 2004 Kengo Kuma undertook a project in Ginzan Onsen (hot springs) district of Yamagata on the request of the owners of a 350-year-old inn. The owner’s wife, Jeanie Fuji (US), a traditionaly trained okami (female innkeeper), went through strict training led by her mother-in-law about how she is to act, serve food and greet the guest old Japanese style in their traditional wooden inn. The building itself can not provide enough character (as a whole) for an inn so devoted staff is crucial. What happens too often in all projects really is the whole thing gets westernized. Everywhere around the world. Buildings lacking in character could all use a touch of loaclity. Fuji Atsushi (the owner) wrote: Nipponjin ni wa, Nihon ga Tarinai which translates to ”Japanese people are not Japanese enough”. ‘The inn has five beautiful private hotsprings baths including an open-air bath on the top floor.” Embracing their customs and history in this new age is very important to him so to top it all they serve fresh japanese food based on washoku (Japanese cusine).

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Sweden Heals Old Apartment Buildings


About 400,000 apartments need help in Sweden due to bad energy efficiancy. About a gazillion other homes around the world do too, but not all coutries act upon such matters. Their aim is to upgrade appartment buildings from the 70’s so that they would meet the standards of a passive house. To do that they will thickly insulate them, install better and more energy-efficient windows and doors, equip them with more efficient appliances and lighting and install heat exchangers. All of the rooftops facing south will also receive solar panels to provide districts with warm water. Their aim is to cut the use of energy from 216 kWh/m2 to about 92 kWh/m2.

I bow to you, queen Sweden.

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Dombau Köln South Wing Window | Gerhard Richter


The German artist Gerhard Richter was asked to fill the more than 100m2 cathedral window with stained glass and you’re looking at what he came up with. Holy pixelated manoly! That’s one fun window. I hear his next big thing will be the blue window of death vitrage followed by a LED altar plasma that repeatedly plays Zero Wing. I’m just playin’ with you Gerhard, I love your work. But seriously though… think about it.

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Maastricht Bookstore by Merkx+Girod. I’m in love.


the annual ‘lensvelt de architect’ interior design prize for 2007 was awarded to the amsterdam-based architects of merkx+girod architects for their design of the ‘selexyz dominicanen bookstore’ in maastricht. the unique shop is installed in a former church, preserving the structure and finding a new use. the award jury was impressed by the studio’s use of the space and its unique lighting.

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