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Fujiya Ginzan | Kengo Kuma


In 2004 Kengo Kuma undertook a project in Ginzan Onsen (hot springs) district of Yamagata on the request of the owners of a 350-year-old inn. The owner’s wife, Jeanie Fuji (US), a traditionaly trained okami (female innkeeper), went through strict training led by her mother-in-law about how she is to act, serve food and greet the guest old Japanese style in their traditional wooden inn. The building itself can not provide enough character (as a whole) for an inn so devoted staff is crucial. What happens too often in all projects really is the whole thing gets westernized. Everywhere around the world. Buildings lacking in character could all use a touch of loaclity. Fuji Atsushi (the owner) wrote: Nipponjin ni wa, Nihon ga Tarinai which translates to ”Japanese people are not Japanese enough”. ‘The inn has five beautiful private hotsprings baths including an open-air bath on the top floor.” Embracing their customs and history in this new age is very important to him so to top it all they serve fresh japanese food based on washoku (Japanese cusine).

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Fujiya Inn website

(via: The Cool Hunter, photos: Fujiya Inn and The Cool Hunter)