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New York Times Headquarters | Renzo Piano


Now I’m not a big fan of skyscrapers because most of them look like giants that’ll squander me when I pass them by but the New York bunch of high buildings just got an upgrade. Renzo Piano was awarded by the AIA for the new New York Times Building situated between 40th and 41st Streets and it’s a beauty. The main feature of the building is the ceramic curtain of tubes that protects the building’s glass skin from the sun, the interior looks amazing and it’s all pretty and shiny at night. I better stop reading about it before I find out it’s completely ecologically incorrect and the whole thing breaks my heart.

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Interview: Serge Appel on One Bryant Park


One Bryant Park is the first LEED platinum “skyscraper”; what is your favorite LEED aspect of the project? Aside from LEED, what was the most interesting or exciting part of the project for you?

For me, the best part of this project isn’t a single element or technology but rather the chance to work with an incredible team of dedicated professionals all driven by the same goal. Having the backing of the Bank of America and the Durst Organization has made a tremendous difference in setting the bar high in terms of sustainable design. On top of that, each consultant on the team is top notch and fully engaged with the project.

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Steven Holl’s Proposal for Hudson Yards in NYC


What’s surprising about this proposal is the idea of covering the entirety of the rail yards with a suspended roof garden, which will be landscaped in a manner similar to that of New York’s Central Park. This park will not only serve as much needed green space within the development and the city, but will also contain a water strip that will collect and purify the rainwater from the site. The location and orientation of this park will ensure that it will have generous light and wonderful views of the city’s skyline. It will also contain an outdoor amphitheater and a performance hall for public events. / for full text click here.

Download the proposal presentation PDF.

(text extract fro Inhabitat)

U2 Has Achitectural Problems


You can’t always get what you want….ooops, wrong group. U2 is having big problems with the 32-storey skyscraper that it wants to build, which will be the tallest building in Dublin and all of Ireland. Plans include a recording studio that will hang below vertical wind turbines, a huge solar panel, luxury flats, 34 social-housing flats and a five-star luxury eco-hotel. But there is opposition by all kinds of groups (not just those who can’t stand Bono or his music).

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