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Piel.Skin | An Online Book For Students by Ethel Baraona Pohl

Piel.Skin is an online publication, written in english and spanish, showing various projects from around the World and their skins/ facades. All of them are linked to Google Maps to show you their exact location. Hats off to the author. Enjoy!



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Sir Norman Foster | Building On The Green Agenda


This is a Norman Foster talk done in Munich in January 2007 and was just posted now, over a year ago, but nevertheless is important. ”The green agenda isn’t about fashion, it’s about survival.” Hopefully more big studios will take on the sustainable design because it truly is not just another trend. Click on the image above to view the video.


Dear Mr. Eisenman


This may come as a shock to you but slavery is over and you should sit down and take some notes from Jacques Herzog. I coulnd’t find an intern definition that would explain it as a form of charity. There is not an excuse in the world that makes unpaid interns OK and the mere fact that ”you had to do it so we have to do it” is banal, unethical and blunt. But then again, it takes two to tango, and so it goes…

/read the article (and the comments for that matter) at Eikonographia


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The Architecture of Density | Michael Wolf


This just blows my mind; I don’t think I need to explain these works by Michael Wolf as they speak for themselves. They were all taken in Hong Kong, China, that has a density of 6700 people per square kilometer and that’s what he was after – human spirit in an urban jungle. Just take a look and praise our 60% of woodlands.

slideshow: click

(via: Archinect, photo courtesy: Michael Wolf)

Talented Architect Vs. Poseour


Such a good topic, and one that continues to emerge through time as history repeats itself. There’s an article, that is basically putting words in my mouth, at SFGate about determiming good architecture from well… ‘bad’ architecture. I usually don’t like to point out a piece of work and label it as anything at all, let alone label it as ‘bad’. But let’s not keep our mouth shut. I generally agree with the author of that post. In my humble opinion, less is always more and I don’t digest the new ‘baroque’ that well. But that’s just me, you can beg to differ.
/read the article at SFGate

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Last Call For Planet Earth | Architects for a Better World

Last Call For Planet Earth is a movie made by Jacques Allard that will be screening from January on all over Europe. The movie includes interviews an oppinions of architects such as Kengo Kuma, Thomas Mayne of Morphosis, Massimiliano Fuksas and many more. It is made to raise awareness of the importance of building sustainably and to emphasize the fact that buildings can and do effect the environment profoundly. In an era when ecological topics are the buzz, I’m not surprised they made this movie and I’m happy to see them pushing the topic forward to the masses. It truly is not a trend, It’s a necessity.

And Another One Bites The Dust

The Bata Shoe Headquarters by John B. Parkin comming down; accompanied by the Simon and Garfunkle’s song So Long Frank Lloyd Wright.

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