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Fuck Style


This is a really good read for all of us, not only industrial and communication designers. People at Ideasonideas have put together a nifty article called Fuck style. In it they’re thinking about what style is vs. design and I’ll give them two thumbs up for it. It’s really sad how people can get massively effected by ‘style’, forcing them to be ‘in style’ all the time, spending enormouse amounts of money to feel a part of a society/ group. And if you’re a designer/ architect and fall in that cycle – we have a problem. Design is here to SOLVE things, make life easier and better. ”For hardcore designers, “does it work?” is the one question that must be obsessed over. Really, this should be the case for any designer anyways; not whether it looks cool, and not if it can win awards. Hardcore design is about taking away the cute, fluffy stuff, and concentrating on what is actually accomplished.”

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There’s Plenty More Fish in The Sea. Right?


We’ve seen ads by Republic of Everyone before and if those didn’t strike you, nothing will. It was just a matter of time before an artist made an installation to raise the awareness of a growing problem. ”The Catch” was made by a British artist Julia Lohmann during her stay in Sapporo, Japan. Problem: 80% of the bluefin tuna caught in the Mediterranean is sold in Japan. Lohmann made a wooden structure to carry 500 fishing crates with the help of fishing wire that holds everything in place.

“The Mediterranean is at the point that if bluefin stocks are not actually collapsing, they are approaching collapse,”

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WWF | Give a Hand to Wildlife Ads


These beautiful ads were done by the swiss Saatchi&Saatchi Simko advertising agency for the WWF with an escorting message ”Give a hand to wildlife’. They are works of art of a bodypainter Guido Daniele that imitate a tiger, an elephant, a snake, a zebra, an eagle and a toukan. This concept isn’t completely new but nevertheless the works are amazing. The ads were notminated at Cannes 2007 and ended up on the shortlist.

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Gorenje | Ora Ïto Kitchen


The Ora Ïto kitchen by Gorenje was nominated in the category ‘Best Domestic Appliance‘ at the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2008 that took place in London on Jan10th. Running against tough competition, it ended up on the shortlists along with the ‘L10′ Washbasin by’ Norbert Wangen for Boffi, the Heater by Plus Minus Zero and ‘Alpha’ TV by Brionvega. The winner of the category is the ‘Katamari 01’ speaker by Giyanze.

Check out more photos of the Ora Ïto kitchen in its full awesomeness at Gizmodo. Good going Gorenje!

P.S: PlusMinusZero I would so have a crush on you if I was a domestic appliance.

(via: Gizmodo and Wallpaper*)

Wood Beach


I have no idea where these platforms are or who made them, but the whole thing looks great and is very practical. A good idea on how to make use of an otherwise rugged terrain.

woodbeach1.jpg (via: TheCoolhunter)

Light-emitting wallpaper


Dutch designer jonas samson has created wallpaper with integrated lighting. The product appears to be regular wallpaper when the light is off and when illuminated can display light in any pattern or design. The design enables a room to be entirely light by the walls, eliminating the need for a lamp.


(via: designboom)