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Help The Honeybees

I KNOW I haven’t been posting at all…jeez, stop making me feel bad about it. I need my old blog time to do other things, but Stashpocket will gain a new link in the link bar in September and will presumably cut the architecture/design/eco theme for at least 6 months. It does take quite some time, energy and research to write a post and I’d love to keep it fresh every day, but if I can’t find a moderator for when I’m gone, this page will completely turn into a travel blog :D Ah well… it’s my blog, why not make it about my life for a short while ;)

Ok, now we all know about the honeybees situation so here’s a funky commercial for all of yall to enjoy.


Home in Antwerpen – Sculp(IT)

Silvia Mertens and Pieter Peerlings of the Belgian architecture studio Sculp(IT) designed a building for living and working between two existing buildings. In fact, it was made in a 2,4m by 5,5m gap. It is a home for two that is nothing more than a steel frame with double wooden floors. The building has 3 floors (60m2): downstairs is for working, the first floor is for eating and cooking, the second for relaxing and the upper floor is a bedroom/bathroom area. The roof, of course, has a bath tub built in. Once the construction was completed, the staircase was put in place in one piece. The building has some symbolism in it as well – the street used to be a prostitution area of Antwerpen. I do have a slight problem with the bathroom, especially the toilet, but the house is tailored for the couple and is therefore perfect.

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(via: Archinect, all photographies by Luc Roymans)

Kinderstad | Sponge Architects & Rupali-Gupta

Does it get any sweeter than this? Kinderstad is an addition to the old VU Medical Centre in Amsterdam, designed by Sponge Architects & Rupali Gupta in cooperation with IOU Architecture. This was the winning entry of the Young Architects Competition of the Dutch National Board of Architects (BNA) and the penthouse now serves as a visiting area and offers a great space for the parents and their sick children to spend their visiting hours in. It hovers above the existing hospital building on the 9th floor of the East wing and is made out of titanium and glass that make it appear light and elegant. Absolutely wonderful.

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