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Handdrawn Posters

These posters by LETMAN represent the final works of students at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Awesomeness overload.


Logos Evolution


Neat, here are some logos through time. They’ve changed quite a bit, mostly being simplified as a company grew. Sheesh, Nokia scares me. You can also click here to watch the Windows boot screen evolve through the years. Brings back some memories doesn’t it, my fellow geek? I’m sure other girls like and do more girly things but let’s just call me a dork and get on with it.

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The History of Visual Communication


”I am very proud of my heritage as a graphic designer. I know that I come from a long line of remarkable individuals from the scribes of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to the medieval book makers, from the likes of Aldus Manutius to the constructivist El Lisitzky. They are my friends and colleagues. I look to them for instruction, for guidance, for inspiration. I know that whatever we design today rests upon their shoulders, their genius, their unfailing good judgement and taste. I look at contemporary design and see traces of gothic diminuendo or Renaisance page layout. I hope that learning the history of their craft will inspire the same pride and love in my students…”

A big chunk of information about the history of visual communication. You may be an architecture student, but you should read this and translate it to your own world, learning from your own idols and making the best of the age old knowledge being passed on to you.

Subway And Railway Maps | Kim Ji Hwan


It may look like a spaghetti accident at first but no. These are so beautiful and really funky. Korean designer Kim Ji Hwan of the design duo Zeroperzero created these subway/railway maps of Tokyo, Osaka and Seoul. Just to put things in perspective: Tokyo alone has 365 metro stations and 1000 railway stations.

details:  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8

( via: designboom)

Downloadable Design | Paper Toys


Hooray, paper toys! This is something for your inner kid. Today you can download nearly everything from furniture to toys to home accessories. I’m giving you some links where you can simply download a .pdf template of the toy, print it and stick it together. Don’t use this as an urgent task just to avoid exams (if you have them).

Shin Tanaka – ok he is way cool and charges for some, but you can click on ‘others’ and get a template to work on.

The Ito Partnership – for the ones that need a paper goat, and I think we all need a paper goat – Samurai Bunny is top notch.

Readymerch – for a load of sweetness (pictured above)

Flodschool – furniture (for kids. that’s you.)


Fucking Recycle.


And this is not me bitching around. The new poster collection by Becky Redman is kindly asking everybody to fucking recycle. It’s simple, it truly is. 50 posters have been screenprinted on 100% recyceled paper and posted in public. Each carries a short message that not only raises the awareness of the problem of waste but also ”provokes a sense of urgency.” She’s fucking right, ay? Fuck yeah. Fuck fuck fuckidy fuck :D That’s enough.

(via: TreeHugger)

EcoEdit Wallpapers

Laura Brenda Jiménez Osorio is a Mexico city based designer who designed a birdhouse made from natural cork. Shown below, the product was selected by wallpaper magazine to include in their new online feature ‘eco edit’. The mini site is in wallpaper’s word’s, ‘an exhibition of 101 beautiful, innovative and environmentally friendly designs from all over the world’. The exhibit of designs is illustrated by mid-century inspired cut and paste illustrations.

/check out the rest of them – EcoEdit.

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