Sirarna – Zadnji Vogel | the sweetest mountain cabin now for rent

OmniPeace | end poverty by 2025

Casa de los Angeles | daycare in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Un Techo para mi Pais | a roof for latin america. volunteer organisation

TreeHugger | get informed. interact. take action.

Architecture for Humanity | come together to envision a better future

FIAN | fighting hunger with human rights

Couchsurfing | connecting travelers

CBEN | the CAD block exchange

Greenprint | save paper, ink, money and millions of trees

Architorture / Archiculture | shot by architects to be viewed by all

Osocio | social advertising and and non-profit campaigns

Hasan Elahi | the more public his personal information, the more protected he is

Bicycle Coffee Company | pedaling the perfect roast in San Francisco

iDoPhotography | my dear talented Natalie

Graham Clark Photography | supporting G. impress me with Brasilia

Sonar42 | design studio

Fobija | fear and so much more

Loreak Mendian | basque fashion

Elan Snowboards | made in the alps

Mozilla | it just makes sense

Kidrobot | supercool toys

The Show With ZeFrank | thinking, so you don’t have to

iLL-Literacy | poets, emcees, and all-around fresh individuals

DefPoetryJam | russel simmons presents def poetry

G. Love & Special Sauce | brushfire records

Animal Liberation Orchestra | brushfire records

Jack Johnson | brushfire records

Matt Costa | brushfire records

Donovan Frankenreiter | surfer, songwriter

The Beautiful Girls | oz music

Tristan Prettyman | virgin records


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