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Black Barn | Pinc


The Black Barn is a prefab designed by the Swedish studio Pinc (People Incorporated). The idea of the form is ancient and comes from viking homes that were extremely narrow, covered by a wooden tarred roof and had visible beams. The volume is simple and its shape offers an interesting interior, a challenging task that the designers solved wisely by using every inch of the offered space. It is, of course, created to meet the new EU energy and insulation standards. I love this idea. Not only is it energy efficient and sustainable but it is also very appealing and has a symbolism to it. I have to say I miss projects like this in my own country. People are building new houses that are not always bad looking but they don’t have much to do with co-creating the cultural landscape. Architects definitely contribute to that and should be aware of who we are, where our roots are and what we want our children to inherit. A part of our culture are the buildings we live in and we could learn so much from our ancestors, especially when it comes to building in a rural environment. I’d like to see more photos of this project although they’re really hard to find. It seems like the detailing is amazing. Vikings are so cool, I want to be a viking. And wear a horn hat. Uuu and have an axe! But then I’m a threat to little children already. And myself.

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The Ultimate Houses feat. Villa Under Extension, Bled


These extraordinery houses will be in the spotlight in a Discovery show called ”The ultimate houses” that airs on Feb14th. Amongst many outstanding homes such as Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier, there’s also the villa under extension in Bled, Slovenia designed by OFIS Architects. Needless to say I’m thrilled, considering the fact that I live about 4km away from the house – WOOHOO! :D but I may never be able to see it up close since it’s a family home – aww =( But you and I can check out some photos below – medium yay :}. The project was completed in 2004 and the interesting thing about it is how the architects solved the problem of many building restrictions of the area/ town. It’s nearly impossible to build around the lake unless you’re Tito, yet they found their ways around the laws and built an under extension under the existing old villa that was to remain intact. Well done OFIS! And if you need an intern I am totally available. Totally. I master CAD as much as I master jumping (see banner above).

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complete list of the featured homes with photo galleries and videos: here (3 pages)


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Gorenje | Ora Ïto Kitchen


The Ora Ïto kitchen by Gorenje was nominated in the category ‘Best Domestic Appliance‘ at the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2008 that took place in London on Jan10th. Running against tough competition, it ended up on the shortlists along with the ‘L10′ Washbasin by’ Norbert Wangen for Boffi, the Heater by Plus Minus Zero and ‘Alpha’ TV by Brionvega. The winner of the category is the ‘Katamari 01’ speaker by Giyanze.

Check out more photos of the Ora Ïto kitchen in its full awesomeness at Gizmodo. Good going Gorenje!

P.S: PlusMinusZero I would so have a crush on you if I was a domestic appliance.

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40 Bond | Ian Schrager + Herzog & de Meuron


This apartment just hit the market in NYC. It costs $3.6 million and I just may have to buy this baby and move out of my student room. I don’t know, I’ll think about it.

/ click here for a fancy presentation, photos and a video

/ and if you’re considering buying it, my future best buddy, click right here

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Light-emitting wallpaper


Dutch designer jonas samson has created wallpaper with integrated lighting. The product appears to be regular wallpaper when the light is off and when illuminated can display light in any pattern or design. The design enables a room to be entirely light by the walls, eliminating the need for a lamp.


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