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Downloadable Design | Paper Toys


Hooray, paper toys! This is something for your inner kid. Today you can download nearly everything from furniture to toys to home accessories. I’m giving you some links where you can simply download a .pdf template of the toy, print it and stick it together. Don’t use this as an urgent task just to avoid exams (if you have them).

Shin Tanaka – ok he is way cool and charges for some, but you can click on ‘others’ and get a template to work on.

The Ito Partnership – for the ones that need a paper goat, and I think we all need a paper goat – Samurai Bunny is top notch.

Readymerch – for a load of sweetness (pictured above)

Flodschool – furniture (for kids. that’s you.)



Gudbrandsjuvet | Jensen & Skodvin


Ahh refreshing. Still under realization this landscape project spreading over an area of 600m2 was built by the norwegian studio Jensen & Skodvin. ”The place gets several hundred thousand visitors every year, stopping on their way from the Geiranger fjord to Trollstigen. At the lay-by we have designed several smaller interventions; viewing platforms, bridges, a service center, and also a landscape hotel. The different interventions have related but independent architectural expressions.” You can view/download a .pdf of the project here and view/dll a brochure of the whole tourist route here. The brochure is in norwegian, but I figured since we all speak it, it shouldn’t be a problem.

(via: monocle)

Prefab HZ House | Youmeheshe


This project from Youmeheshe Architects is an eco-friendly, carbon newtral prefab that can be delivered on two trucks. The impact that constructionshave on the environment worry the architects Simon Beames and Simon Dickens.

“You don’t have glues giving off gasses you would otherwise get,” says Beames. “They usually give off formaldehyde, which is what you preserve dead people in. People are unaware of the shortcuts and necessities of traditional fast-track building, or at least overlook them. You have this generation of people being careful about the environment, but they forget about themselves. They eat organic food, but then what are they sitting in?”

Prefabricated panels are doweled together insted of being glued and the whole house is constructed around the central core. Check out/download the pdf here.

Read the whole article at Dwell.

Better Air for Berlin | Berlin’s Environmental Zone


Awesome. The city of Berlin made a smart move on January 1st by introducing a new law and traffic sign to its downtown area. Berlin’s Senate Department for Health, Environment and Consumer Protection aims to reduce the number of people affected by excessive concentrations of noxious substances by one quarter. I have learned trough TreeHugger that 2 years ago the Senate also decided that bikes should represent 15% of the city traffic by the year of 2010. They are said to be doing great at achieving that goal and may be able to pull the plan off earlier than that. Good luck.

/click here to read/download the Berlin Umweltzone brochure (pdf, 265kb)

West Common Way House | Jørn Utzon


In case you happen to have £2,500,000 lying around somewhere in one of your socks (you nutcase) you can now buy this piece of eye candy. The Modern House is for sale for the first time since 1962. You can download the brochure by clicking on the link below and start praying to the design God to give you 1/10 of Utzon’s sense of style.

West Common Way House Pictures and Floor Plans

Time Management For Creative People


Mark McGuiness wrote an interesting e-book for all the chaotic creative minds out there. You can download the PDF here.

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Keyboard Shortcuts


Photographer and designer Trevor Morris has updated his terrific Photoshop keyboard shortcut cheatsheets for Adobe Photoshop CS3. Download this handy PDF cheatsheet, print it out, and keep it near your computer.

Download PDF:



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