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Philippe Starck | Design is Dead


Well well, what do you know. I always found mr. Starck to be a wee bit cocky but I get his point here. Die Zeit wrote an article recently in which the french designer apologizes for the things he’s done. “I was a producer of materiality and I am ashamed of this fact.Everything I designed was unnecessary. I will definitely give up in two years’ time. I want to do something else, but I don’t know what yet. I want to find a new way of expressing myself …design is a dreadful form of expression…. In future there will be no more designers. The designers of the future will be the personal coach, the gym trainer, the diet consultant.” Starck said the only objects that he still felt attached to were “a pillow perhaps and a good mattress.” But the thing one needs most, he added, was the “ability to love”.

Oh wait… things have been proclaimed ‘dead’ over and over again. See – over and over again. You cannot make a statement with such certainty, unless it’s about your personal life/work. Therefore design is by far not dead. Luxury items, however are, and he knows that’s his ship sinking.

Also, check out his talk at TED called ”Why design?” here.


Let’s End The Day With ABCDEFGHIJK…XYZ

Waaaaaa, typography!

Goodnight :*

Fuck Style


This is a really good read for all of us, not only industrial and communication designers. People at Ideasonideas have put together a nifty article called Fuck style. In it they’re thinking about what style is vs. design and I’ll give them two thumbs up for it. It’s really sad how people can get massively effected by ‘style’, forcing them to be ‘in style’ all the time, spending enormouse amounts of money to feel a part of a society/ group. And if you’re a designer/ architect and fall in that cycle – we have a problem. Design is here to SOLVE things, make life easier and better. ”For hardcore designers, “does it work?” is the one question that must be obsessed over. Really, this should be the case for any designer anyways; not whether it looks cool, and not if it can win awards. Hardcore design is about taking away the cute, fluffy stuff, and concentrating on what is actually accomplished.”

/read it here

Caution: There are NO photos or pretty pictures- I repeat – no photos or pretty pictures. Just text.

Questioning the Cult of the Sketch


Here’s an interesting article at Coroflot – must designers/ architects know how to draw – freehand, that is? Interesting question. It seems to me that all of us can sketch well enough for the finish product to look like something, but is it quality? And does it matter these days? The art of sketching seems to be in decline ever since CAD was introduced to all of the engineering professions. To me, sketching is essential. There is something primal about it, something ancient that comes preprogrammed within you and what probably made you different from the other kids. Not better at all, just different. You have to draw to think. I’m positive that if you spend time drawing something on a piece of paper, your heart goes into it. You brainstorm and mull the idea over; it can be a way to discipline yourself. It’s right there, your own creation, in your face, torturing you to perfect it. You will cherish it more, I’m sure, because you made it without any help. It is an original expression, like something a dancer shows with movement and a singer with voice. There is no doubt we need CAD for the finish product, we do. But when you brainstorm, CAD will never have a fix-lame-idea toolbar. Not convinced? We’d all be construction engineers :D So there. Disagree if you wish.
/read the article at Coroflot 

Electrolux Design Lab Competition 2008


Electrolux is calling out for all the creative desig students to participate in their 6th Design Lab Competition. This year the theme will be ”home appliances for the internet generation‘ meaning the submissions should address food storage, cooking, and/ or washing.

”The Internet generation comprises brand-conscious, busy young proffesionals who are independent, concerned about the environment, and whose lives are intertwined with technology and social networks” The prize: winning entry – 5000€ and a 6-month internship at one od Electrolux’s global design centers, second prize : 2000€ and 3rd prize 2000€. You are permitted to submit one entry via their webpage by May 30th 2008.

/download the Design Lab Press release (PDF)

/check out laste year’s results here

/Electrolux Design Lab Website

Logos Evolution


Neat, here are some logos through time. They’ve changed quite a bit, mostly being simplified as a company grew. Sheesh, Nokia scares me. You can also click here to watch the Windows boot screen evolve through the years. Brings back some memories doesn’t it, my fellow geek? I’m sure other girls like and do more girly things but let’s just call me a dork and get on with it.

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Flight404 Hypnotic Motion Design


This is beauty in motion accompanied by music. Flight404 is Robert Hodgin’s website – he’s the guy behind these awesome short clips that he makes with Processing. Maybe I’m the only kid that goes all gaga over things like this but check it out, you can’t help but love it. Click on the image above to watch them. Magnetic ink is jaw dropping.

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