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H1 | Brio54


The H1 home by Brio54 studio is a prefabricated passive family house with all natural interior finishes and materials, and large amounts of natural lighting. The single family 4 bedroom home has a wood construction made out of prefabricated frames and insulated concrete forms. ”The photovoltaic panels on their prototypes are currently under investigation along with solar heating, graywater recovery, and possibly rainwater harvesting systems which will need to be determined based on individual siteing of each home.” The flooring is made out of natural wood or stone and all the appliances are out of stainless steel.

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Prefab HZ House | Youmeheshe


This project from Youmeheshe Architects is an eco-friendly, carbon newtral prefab that can be delivered on two trucks. The impact that constructionshave on the environment worry the architects Simon Beames and Simon Dickens.

“You don’t have glues giving off gasses you would otherwise get,” says Beames. “They usually give off formaldehyde, which is what you preserve dead people in. People are unaware of the shortcuts and necessities of traditional fast-track building, or at least overlook them. You have this generation of people being careful about the environment, but they forget about themselves. They eat organic food, but then what are they sitting in?”

Prefabricated panels are doweled together insted of being glued and the whole house is constructed around the central core. Check out/download the pdf here.

Read the whole article at Dwell.

Casa Pentimento by Jose Maria Saez and David Barragan


In the Casa Pentimento, the architects have developed a prefabricated concrete system that acts as wall, screen, support for landscaping and even holds up the furniture. Google translation from the architect’s website: “The interstices between prefabricated wall in turn filter vegetation and light, the cracks are left open at some points and close in others with transparent or translucent acrylic and strips of wood. These same cracks inside are supporting pieces of wood that become bookshelves, chairs, tables and step.”

“The house ignores possible finishes. The foundation slab melts with black pigment and firmig to become the finished floor final. The precast concrete are both viewed abroad as inside, softening its hard wood red, and green-Flashing oxidized copper and vegetation always present.”

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