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Kinderstad | Sponge Architects & Rupali-Gupta

Does it get any sweeter than this? Kinderstad is an addition to the old VU Medical Centre in Amsterdam, designed by Sponge Architects & Rupali Gupta in cooperation with IOU Architecture. This was the winning entry of the Young Architects Competition of the Dutch National Board of Architects (BNA) and the penthouse now serves as a visiting area and offers a great space for the parents and their sick children to spend their visiting hours in. It hovers above the existing hospital building on the 9th floor of the East wing and is made out of titanium and glass that make it appear light and elegant. Absolutely wonderful.

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Bryghusgrunden Project | OMA

So I decide not to write anything about Dubai, Zaha, Gehry (!?), Nouvel or the Milano Design Week and all of a sudden – there’s absolutely nothing to post. Any of you fucking pricks write more news about Milano Design Week and I’ll execute every motherfucking last one of you. (Was that.. too harsh? Pulp Ficiton style?  *pretty smile*  I like ponies.) I mean it’s mad. It’s been all mad – the pre-pre 2007 Milano, the pre Milano, the right before omg omfg Milano, the right freaking now Milano and I’m sure the after Milano madness will clog the internets as well. So out I dug one bit of news that might interest you…

Right… So this is the newest addition to the Copenhagen waterfront. OMA designed (and I’ll stop using that verb in sentences containing ‘OMA’ pretty soon, I think) a new building that will house ”new facilities for the Danish Architecture Center (DAC), the headquarters of the Realdania Foundation, along with a distinctive mix of residential units, public program and playground facilities.” I’m not sure what to make of this one. Do I like it, will it work? I like blocks stacked together, I do. But I’m a little disappointed in the Office for Metropolitan Architecture lately, it seems to me like they could do so much better. At least it’s not that violent.

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Guggenheim Hermitage Museum | Zaha Hadid

I usualy wouldn’t do this but… Zaha Hadid Architects won the competition to design the new Guggenheim Hermitage Museum in Vilnius, Lithuania, overtaking the boys – Daniel Libeskind and Massimiliano Fuksas, somewhere along the line, where the Guggenheim Foundation and the State Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg, Russia, both agreed that her design was the best damn thing to happen to the city. The building will be the new international art centre and will house works of art from collections of the NYC Salomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and the St. Petersburg based State Hermitage Museum. I just… I don’t know. I’m so bored.

Presentations: Zaha | Libeskind | Fuksas

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Omotesandō Street | Tokyo


Omotesandō in a trendy, upscale shopping street in Tokyo filled with over the top architecture designed by, almost exlusively, big names. It stretches from Harajuku to Takeshita and Aoyama-dori, which probably means nothing to you, so here’s a really cool Google map. The people over at PinkMag made a guide of Omotesandō architecture covering all the major buildings and that’s bootyshakingly awesome. I’ll try to upload slideshows of all the buildings throughout the day so edits will follow.

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My inner vandal enjoys explosions and demolitions of old buildings. If there’s anything I love more it’s not building them in the first place. Here are some videos of sudden death scenarios, something I hope your projects will never have to go through.

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Therme Vals | Peter Zumthor


This project was finished in 1996 and it’s no news, i know, but I simply want to have it on the blog because I love the project, so here it is. Built from the local stone, the building is located in a remote area high up in a mountain and is mimicking a cave. The soothing interior is designed for the soul with the help of some amazing lighting and water surfaces. I’m sure you all know a lot a bout it already so I won’t waste words on it and leave you with a slideshow (olotini Flickr album) and the Thermae of stone documentary. By far one of my favourite buildings probably ever built.

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Biblioteca Parque España | Giancarlo Mazzanti


In Santo Domingo Savio, Colombia, Giancarlo Mazzanti designed yet another Colombian library (he did this one in Medellin as well). This time he didn’t go with straight angles and perfect geometrical bodies but that’s ok, weird is good. This funky new library stands on top of a very green hill that has a cable cart connecting it with the rest of the town. It enriches its cultural and public space and can be seen from afar, making it the new symbol of the town. The form of the project mimics three rocks both in shape and color, a very forgiving concept that doesn’t spoil the look of a hilltop. The structrue is made out of reinforced steel and is covered by 30% oxidized black slate facade. The project consists of a library, a community center, a cultural center, pedagogic areas and viewpoint platforms. I feel a very ice-cream-truck like excitement seeing this building. I’m such a pro at writing.

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