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Cell Phone Afterlife


Skate Study House


Skateboarder Pierre-AndrĂ© Senizergues started a shoe company 16 years ago. After moving from Brittany to California, Etnies grew. He now got to a point in his career when he teamed up with Gil Le Bon De Lapointe, an interior designer, to do some furniture pieces out of skateboards. They called the project Skate Study House (site launches next week) – modern design classics remastered with skateboards. I have to say that they look great. They will be available for purchase from Colette in Paris. Fingers crossed mine comes with Arto Saari in the box.

/more photos here and here.

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Fucking Recycle.


And this is not me bitching around. The new poster collection by Becky Redman is kindly asking everybody to fucking recycle. It’s simple, it truly is. 50 posters have been screenprinted on 100% recyceled paper and posted in public. Each carries a short message that not only raises the awareness of the problem of waste but also ”provokes a sense of urgency.” She’s fucking right, ay? Fuck yeah. Fuck fuck fuckidy fuck :D That’s enough.

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E-waste | We made our bed, now we’ll sleep in it.


This is by no means an attack on Apple, but the picture of the little girl is just so heartbreaking because sadly it represents what we’re leaving over for our kids. We’re all contributing to the big problem of electronical waste and should be aware of what happens with the out-of-date appliances.

Electronic waste, “e-waste” or “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment” (“WEEE“) is a waste type consisting of any broken or unwanted electrical or electronic appliance. It is a point of concern considering that many components of such equipment are considered toxic and are not biodegradable. (from Wikipedia)

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Illy Push Button House


We saw the Illy Push Button House a while back, it’s the one built within a standard shipping container that takes 90 seconds to expand, now we have some new pics. Once opened the Push Button House reveals a kitchen, dining area, bedroom, living room and library designed by Adam Kalkin, all built from recycled materials. The house uses hydraulic cylinders that are controlled by a computer system within the kitchen island and is on show as a demonstration of mobile mechanics that can be used in a variety of circumstances, such as disaster-relief housing, an exhibition space or a sustainable home.

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