León de Grieff Library, Colombia | Giancarlo Mazzanti


The library in La Ladera, Medellin, Colombia by Giancarlo Mazzanti was completed in 2007 not solely to give the town a new library but also to give it more quality public spaces for the society to enjoy. The three massive concrete cubes are embeded in a green patch on the hillside, that can be used for sports activites, connecting the lower and the upper area of the town. Platforms, terraces, open spaces and voids between the sections (that are there with the intention of hosting outside activities), all provide the town with a colorful variety of new public spaces with an amazing view of the town. The building adjusts itself to the given terrain with the main narrow ‘space’ out of which the cubes are accesable. The auditorium, the library and the administration buildings are made out of reinforced steel, are supported by pillars and look as though they were hovering above the meadow. The interiors are mostly in white tones with pieces of colorful furniture giving them a lift.

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photo courtesy:  Sergio Gomez (source)

(via: Plataforma Arquitectura)


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