Biblioteca Parque España | Giancarlo Mazzanti


In Santo Domingo Savio, Colombia, Giancarlo Mazzanti designed yet another Colombian library (he did this one in Medellin as well). This time he didn’t go with straight angles and perfect geometrical bodies but that’s ok, weird is good. This funky new library stands on top of a very green hill that has a cable cart connecting it with the rest of the town. It enriches its cultural and public space and can be seen from afar, making it the new symbol of the town. The form of the project mimics three rocks both in shape and color, a very forgiving concept that doesn’t spoil the look of a hilltop. The structrue is made out of reinforced steel and is covered by 30% oxidized black slate facade. The project consists of a library, a community center, a cultural center, pedagogic areas and viewpoint platforms. I feel a very ice-cream-truck like excitement seeing this building. I’m such a pro at writing.

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(via: Plataforma Arquitectura)


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