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Hello people. I’m sorry for the lack of posts but I was sick in the past week so I was forced to stay in bed. I finally dug myself out of the huge pile of tissues that were starting to take over my room and today I have enough power to type something other that delusional thoughts. So what’s new but really kinda old….

Foster and Partners built the new Beijing airport. Beijing is going completely wacko because of the coming Summer Olympics and it seems to have turned into a Mecca of new buildings from the big boys. I do like the new airport, the form’s flow got me and it looks like it’s crawling on the floor, I love it. The whole complex covers a floor area of 1.3million square meters, mostly under one roof. Although the structure is enormous, the simple form makes it easy for the passengers to navigate. The perimeter was maximized with the intention of ‘increasing the capacity of aircraft stands while maintaining a highly compact and sustainable footprint.’ It has an integrated environment-control system and rood windows to receive as much heat from the sun as possible. The building is also rich in symbolism; the form mimics a dragon to ‘celebrate the thrill and poetry of flight’ and when inside, you are surrounded by traditional yellow, orange and red colours. The opening is tomorrow, Feb29th, so we can all go sip some beverages with ol’ Fossie. Except we’re not invited and would probably get evicted. I wonder if throwing Tito in the conversation would score us some points.

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