Fuck Style


This is a really good read for all of us, not only industrial and communication designers. People at Ideasonideas have put together a nifty article called Fuck style. In it they’re thinking about what style is vs. design and I’ll give them two thumbs up for it. It’s really sad how people can get massively effected by ‘style’, forcing them to be ‘in style’ all the time, spending enormouse amounts of money to feel a part of a society/ group. And if you’re a designer/ architect and fall in that cycle – we have a problem. Design is here to SOLVE things, make life easier and better. ”For hardcore designers, “does it work?” is the one question that must be obsessed over. Really, this should be the case for any designer anyways; not whether it looks cool, and not if it can win awards. Hardcore design is about taking away the cute, fluffy stuff, and concentrating on what is actually accomplished.”

/read it here

Caution: There are NO photos or pretty pictures- I repeat – no photos or pretty pictures. Just text.


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