Downloadable Design | Paper Toys


Hooray, paper toys! This is something for your inner kid. Today you can download nearly everything from furniture to toys to home accessories. I’m giving you some links where you can simply download a .pdf template of the toy, print it and stick it together. Don’t use this as an urgent task just to avoid exams (if you have them).

Shin Tanaka – ok he is way cool and charges for some, but you can click on ‘others’ and get a template to work on.

The Ito Partnership – for the ones that need a paper goat, and I think we all need a paper goat – Samurai Bunny is top notch.

Readymerch – for a load of sweetness (pictured above)

Flodschool – furniture (for kids. that’s you.)



1 Response to “Downloadable Design | Paper Toys”

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