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Let’s End The Day With Chocolate Rain

End racism now.

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Let’s End The Day With Dog Robot

I’m so scared now. It has no head.

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March 22nd | World Water Day

Video: UNICEF's Tap Project

In 1992 The UN General Assembly proclaimed March 22nd as World Water Day. They wanted to draw international attention to the lack of clean drinking water around the globe. About 20% of the World’s population, that is 1.1 billion people, lack access to safe drinking water. The lack of clean water kills about 4500 children per day. Water stressed countries posses a third of the World’s population which mostly contains of Third World residents, Sub-Saharan Africans and South Asians. The clean water issue is much greater though; those countries cannot develop properly with no knowledge of basic hygiene and lack of basic sanitation.

Please continue reading, your attention is crucial.

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Kisho Kurokawa On The Nakagin Capsule Building

Bringing The Sony Tower in Osaka down was stupid and soulless enough, why bring this pioneer of architectural flexibility down as well? Capitalism can be such a ruthless bitch.

Let’s End The Day With T.Rex

Move like a cat, talk like a rat, sting like a bee.

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Handdrawn Posters

These posters by LETMAN represent the final works of students at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Awesomeness overload.

For All My Sisters

Because I love you, and you’re all an inspiration :*