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Wood Beach


I have no idea where these platforms are or who made them, but the whole thing looks great and is very practical. A good idea on how to make use of an otherwise rugged terrain.

woodbeach1.jpg (via: TheCoolhunter)


Westport Chair | 1905


The Westport chair was designed in 1905 by Thomas Lee of Westport, New York, for his family. The design is simple: a tilted backboard, an inclined seat and wide arms. You don’t need much more to come up with what is probably the most comfortable wooden chair in the world. Flawless. Designs like that always make me think that, indeed, it’s all been done before.

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Paulistano Armchair | 1957


In 1957 the Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha designed the Paulistano armchair for the Paulistano Athletic Club in São Paulo. The simplicity of the design and the chair’s comfort puts him alongside the other modern classic furniture pieces. There are hardly 300 in the whole world and this year it became a part of the permanent collection at the MoMA. It was produced by Objekto and will be shown by their team at the International Furnishing Show in Cologne.

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COMPOD by Philipp Haselwander


COMPOD was born out of a cooperation project with the Fachhochschule Joanneum university in Graz, Austria: Under the supervision of designer Martin Ballendat, students in their final semester of the industrial design course were given the task of creating a new approach to the future „Lebenswelt“ of the office. Their brief was to come up with ideas for organisation and space designs in the light of the ever-changing world of work. A central theme of their work was the relationship or crossover between working processes, people, space and products in a new context.

Philipp Haselwander, who has in the meanwhile graduated from the FH in Graz, is reponsible for the design of COMPOD. His objective was to create a simple, individual laptop workspace away from the everday work routine at a desk. A range of furniture that supports concentrated work on a computer just as well as creative communication.

Product website.

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OFFI Mag Table in Red


You can now buy the fabulous OFFI Mag Table in Red, over at designpublic. Yay! It goes from table or seat to laptop stand with a simple flip. As a side table it stores your magazines while providing a surface for a cup of coffee or an extra seat.

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