Haus H | Syntax Architektur

Designed by Syntax Architektur and completed in 2007, the H house is now a family owned home in Hadersfeld, Austria, that’s been transformed from an old inn. The inn was renovated and now offers the best views from the house but in addition to the existing building, two new volumes were built by the entrance. The idea of the project was to keep the existing trees and place the new structure around them. That yielded a unique design that makes the house look as though it’s crawling into the nature. The copper roof slowly touches the ground at one point where a private terrace is formed. The white walls were painted that way with the purpose of making contrast between the man-made and the nature. All in all, a project that really respects the site and that’s what it really comes down to.

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(via: Noticias Arquitectura)


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