World’s First Energy Positive Building


I wrote about Abu Dhabi before and since they’re going absolutely nuts over sustainable building, they diserve yet another post. Masdar headquarters is getting a new building designed by AS+GG Architecture that will be the first  energy positive building in the world. How? The roof is entirely covered by solar panels. And I’m not talking about a few square meters of panels- the roof covering a 1,4 million square feet (=130000 m2) building is absolutely gigantic. The building will also have integrated wind turbines, solar-driven cooling and de-humidification will consumpt 70% less water than other building of its size. They even decided to make the building process as green as possible by building the solar roof first – that way it alone will produce enough energy to power the rest of the construction. It’s very encouraging to see progress like this in the sustainable building field but I find it hard to believe that other countries will be able to follow its example – the building will cost over $300 million. Ugh. It’s somehow funny to see all the oil giants building green buildings, it’s nice, just funny. That, and steam must be coming out of Coop Himmelblau’s ears for the design (BMW Welt, wink wink).

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