Attention Class: Lifestyle Choices


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Oh this is so old school I needed to post it. As a very visual kid, often called ‘different’, I used to love colorful graphs and animations. That way information got stored in my head instead of it ending up somewhere in the dark corners of my brain, where it would have no effect and would die of boredom. The point here is simple, the author is trying to explain the ways to green your life and make it less fat/ smelly/ greedy, something we all need to not only consider, but start practicing asap. I’m being bashed with information about _global warming_ omg it’s here I tell ya, HERE! But the ‘change’ can be so simple if only change itself doesn’t scare you, and it shouldn’t, you’re young. What you, being on a student budget, can still do is: travel by train/ bus, use cloth bags instead of plastic ones, choose energy efficient home appliances, buy the right light bulbs, recycle and don’t stuff your face with so much meat so we won’t have so many cows farting us into the inevitable ecological disaster.

(via: TreeHugger)


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