Villa de Murph | BLDGS Architects


Now, now… don’t look away. I love and support renovation projects like this one. What seems like an industrial building ruin is in fact an office/ apartment of Brian Bell’s and David Yocum’s BLDGS Architects in Atlanta.  The building was built in 1947 and originaly served as a repair shop that got an extension in the 60’s  – a warehouse in the back. Yocum bought the place for $40.000 (= 26.346 €) and spent 8 months of his free time hours working on it. He turned the 154m2 repair shop into a courtyard and the 172m2 addition into a living/ working space. He added an outdoor fireplace in the courtyard and he brough down the wall between the workshop and the courtyard and made a huge glass surface to cover the opening. They left the place looking rusty and harsh, leaving it in its original splendour yet making it livable. It’s *sigh* my dream urban house/workin space. I did not just kiss the screen.

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(via: The New York Times, photo courtesy, NYT and bldgs)


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