Duncan House by Frank Lloyd Wright Moved


The Duncan House from 1957 by Frank Lloyd Wright was lucky enough to be saved from the developers by its current owner. The Usonian houses were designed when the States were in an economic depression in the early 30’s. As a result to that, they lacked attics, basements and ornamentation to control costs and were built from local materials (wood, brick, stone). Wright developed a distinctly American style that was affordable to everyone and grew out of Wright’s previous Prairie homes.

This was a major, difficult and expensive task to pull off but it was done properly by a builder named Thomas Papinchak, who took it all apart and reassembled it on a new location. The house was moved from its original location in Chicago to Polymath Park near Pittsburgh, an area that already contains two houses designed by Wright’s apprentice Peter Brandtson. And if you’re ever in the area, you can even stay at the house.

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(via: TreeHugger, some of the photos courtesy: cfdarch -Flickr)


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