100 Design Solutions For Ordos, Inner Mongolia


Ordos 100 is a huge architectural project that is to take place in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. The client is Jiang Yuan Water Engineering Ltd and the challange for the 100 architects from around the globe, selected by Jacques Herzog, will be for each to build a villa on a 1000m2 parcel. The whole masterplan will be led by a Chinese architectural designer Ai Weiwei of Fake Design. The architects that were chosen come from the States (22), Switzerland (14), Mexico (9), France (7) and many others. I always wondered how a city (or a district) would look like if it was designed by high profile architects and now we’ll see. Fingers crossed it won’t be completely twilight zone weird. By the way Jacques – you told me if I ate that formaldehyded ‘animal’ you’d let me be a part of this project but you totally bailed me out. That’s cool… no no, it’s ok really. No don’t call me it’s… Stop it Jacques! Stop begging, this is pathetic and I won’t do it. (Drop me a line sir, I’m totaly in.)

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(via: Inhabitat)


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