Questioning the Cult of the Sketch


Here’s an interesting article at Coroflot – must designers/ architects know how to draw – freehand, that is? Interesting question. It seems to me that all of us can sketch well enough for the finish product to look like something, but is it quality? And does it matter these days? The art of sketching seems to be in decline ever since CAD was introduced to all of the engineering professions. To me, sketching is essential. There is something primal about it, something ancient that comes preprogrammed within you and what probably made you different from the other kids. Not better at all, just different. You have to draw to think. I’m positive that if you spend time drawing something on a piece of paper, your heart goes into it. You brainstorm and mull the idea over; it can be a way to discipline yourself. It’s right there, your own creation, in your face, torturing you to perfect it. You will cherish it more, I’m sure, because you made it without any help. It is an original expression, like something a dancer shows with movement and a singer with voice. There is no doubt we need CAD for the finish product, we do. But when you brainstorm, CAD will never have a fix-lame-idea toolbar. Not convinced? We’d all be construction engineers :D So there. Disagree if you wish.
/read the article at Coroflot 


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