The Chicago Spire | Santiago Calatrava


The starchitect that is Santiago Calatrava will change the Chicago skyline with this slim skyscraper – a residential building that is called The Chicago Spire and is proclaimed to be the most significant residential building in the world. In a city where architecture played a huge role in its cultural image, Calatrava will be joining a very long list of big names in the business (I found a very informative timeline of notable buildings in Chicago on Wiki). I hope more information about this project will surface soon. The website says little about the construction but shows a lot of neat renderings, a panorama from the top of the tower, interior images and a movie accompanied by DiCaprio-sees-Titanic-for-the-fist-time-style music. With all do respect, I have to say I’m left unimpressed with the way he did the interior. Maybe because I was all siked and high on adrenalin from the movie; but fool me you can not with your magical presentation :D Could be just my taste. Anyways…

/check out the movie here (and scan through the elegant website while you’re there)


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