When You Think You’ve Seen It All…


I don’t know what to think about this particular farmer but this made me chuckle. There will always be illegal buildings I suppose. Urbanists and environmentalists are thought to be bright people and try to keep the green belts and agricultutal lands intact. But ha ha, think not that there isn’t a brighter cookie in the jar to outsmart them!

How to build a house on a piece of protected agricultural land?

1) Build a huge frame and cover it with hay bales and bushes.

2) Build huge house inside the frame so it’s out of sight of the neighbours.

3) Wait 4 years so that you trick the law that says: If nobody complains about a situation on a piece of land, it is permitted to stay.

4) Take the hay away and live in house.

5) Use laser mind control wand to make them think it’s always been there.

Oh please, keep reading.


And there it is ladies and gentlemen. I must copy the text from the original post:

‘Problems began last April when Mr Fidler, thinking he had beaten the planning system, applied for a certificate of lawfulness which is given if a property is erected but nobody objects to it after four years.

But Reigate and Banstead Council says the four-year period after which the building would be allowed to stay is void – because nobody had been given a chance to see it.

The matter will now be decided in February by the council’s planning inspector, who could give the Fidlers as little as six months to tear the castle down.”

Well there we go. Now you know.

(via: TreeHugger)


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