Skive Power Station | C.F. Møller


Industrial buildings have a beauty of their own.  The rust, the raw materials, the slim chimneys and the vast proportions of a complex of that sort don’t necessarily please every beholder. The Skive CHP (Combined Heat and Power) station however, is a bit special. It was designed by the Danish C. F. Møller Architects from Aarhus and I’m beginning to think that every Danish newborn gets a shot of ‘style potion’ when they’re born. The whole concept of the station is pretty simple but the few basic volumes manage to make a strong statement that this is indeed a power plant. The facade is covered by copper panels and will turn green with time. There are hardly any windows except for the large one in the gasification tower from which the fjords of Jutland can be seen. ”Visitors can observe the technical installation in operation from footbridges on several storeys in the large halls. The station is based on gas production from biomass, and is the first of its kind in the world.”

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(via: TreeHugger)


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