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Casa OS was built in 2005 by FRPO on a stunning location near Santander in the village of Loredo. The owners carefully picked the village they wanted their house to stand in, and I have to say they have excellent taste. They came from the heart of the Iberic peninsula so their priority was finding a spot with a lot of sun, lots of waves and possibly surrounded by woods. Situated on a clifftop, the house is overlooking the Atlantic ocean from about 30m of height. The architects had to deal with a wind problem, which led them to the idea of implementing small atriums inbetween the rooms as well as digging out what is now a well protected backyard. What is more, the house blends well with the environment being as low as it is and having a green roof. The lucky family lives about 30min of walking to one of my favourite beaches, Playa de Langre. Somebody sneaked in my bedroom while I was asleep a couple of years ago, screwed the dream chip out of my head and gave it to a bunch of architects. True story.

/more photos, plans and details here. (scroll down)


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  1. 1 Luis May 2, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    In december 2007 Nolaster was divided in tw independent offices, MYCC and FRPO.
    From that date, the authorship of the OS House reamains as a work by FRPO, that is, Fernando Rodríguez and Pablo Oriol, which together with Marcos González, were the architects who designed and built the house.
    You can check this information in

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