Elan Wins The Red Dot Design Award


Wow – I’m so proud of them! Elan won the 2007 Red Dot Design Award in the category best Sports equipment, clothing and shoes. What got them the price is the product you can see above calld Speedwave skis. It’s a work of two in-house designers Mojca Noč and Hilda Bassanese and Gigodesign design studio. Congratulations people, well done.

Now if you’re looking for a designer for your snowboard line, I know a certain chick that’d be willing to do it. I mean I’m not naming anybody because I want her to remain anonymous. OK it’s me.  Screw it, the secret person is me.

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From the Red Dot website:

”The Speedwave series has been specially devised for the demanding skier and represents an aesthetic redefinition of precision skiing. The skis offer optimised guidance in both sharp and long curves. Elan’s innovative WaveFlexTM technology, in combination with an isometric top sheet, gives the Speedwave ski a softer flex. At the same time, the ski possesses a higher torsional stiffness. The result is an excellent grip and a high degree of precision during any kind of move and at any speed. The integrated binding system allows a direct transmission of the skier’s energy onto the edges of the ski, thus facilitating an optimised carving performance”

Click here to download a high resolution jpg of the ski. 


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