Liège-Guillemins TGV Station | Santiago Calatrava

This is an animation of a project by Santiago Calatrava currently under construction in Liège, Belgium. Trafficwise the location couldn’t be better; its ”an indispensable link between London, Paris, Brussels and Germany”. For the benefits of the city of Liège it will connect the previously divided town into a whole. Steel construction and glass are extended 145 meters over the five platforms and its facade is a ”seamless interaction between the interior of the station and the city”. The walkways and the bridges make it easy for the pedestrian to cross and are linked with a vehicular access deck. Meanwhile, still in diapers, the Ljubljana station is still waiting to hit the ground as the wise men discuss it on the forums. Because that’s how REAL men do it, Belgium. You wait for 20 years until the old station breaks down under its own weight THEN you build a new one. Silly Belgians.

(via: dezain)


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