Island City Central Park Gringrin | Toyo Ito


I’ll post this just to give you some specs and links with gazillion of pictures of the Island City Central Park Gringrin in Fukuoka by Toyo Ito. I’ve got nothing but love for japanese architecture. Nothing but luuuv.

architect: Toyo Ito & Associates | client: Fukuoka City | construction: reinforced concrete | nr. of floors: 1 | building area: 5162 m2 | total floor space: 5033 m2

/photos here (flickr gallery) and here (takenaka)

(via: dezain)


3 Responses to “Island City Central Park Gringrin | Toyo Ito”

  1. 1 Architect Resources January 27, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    Beyond a shadow of a doubt Toyo Ito is from one of the most talented and gifted architect not only in his country Japan but also around the globe. The way he uses abstract design for buildings is the foremost point of his reputation. Since 1970, Toyo started getting international acclamation and around from last 40 years world is having far above the ground regard for his work. Island City Central Park Gringrin by Toyo Ito is no doubt is from one of his master peaces. I wish I was there to visit it.

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