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Dakhla (photo: Primoz)

Joining Melbourne, San Francisco, Hong Kong and many others, China banned the plastic bag. They are now no longer free of charge at the stores and the thin little plastic bags have been banned completely. China has a serious pollution problem and this is the government’s way of encouraging the usage of cloth bags or other reusable bags. Let’s hope this action will be effective, however I am worried that charging a hardly noticeable amount won’t bring anything to the table. Hopefully I’m wrong.

China is not the only country fighting the plastic bag war. Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Rwanda are making their efforts in eliminating the plastic bag as well. The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) are ”spearheading a fast-growing campaign to remedy the crisis.” (Inhabitat) They are said to be successful and for that I’m glad.


(Photo courtesy: Freemantle)

The plastic bag pollution is not as innocent as it might sound at first. Not only do they block drains and sewage systems but they effect the wildlife and as a result – the humans. Bigger animals ingest them and mosquitoes gather on the warm small pools of water that they gather and breed rapidly. That is something that provokes a spread of malaria. The problem is huge. When I was in Africa, things looked bad. Something like this, anywhere we went.


Casablanca suburbs (photo: Me)

What is happening at home and throughout Europe? IKEA started charging for plastic bags in spring last year and Ireland started to charge a tax on the plastic bags which resulted in a 90% decrease of their usage. In our country consumers are being charged for plastic bags but are allowed to take as many small, thin ones as they want.

Try using a cloth bag. No guys, using a reusable bag is not gay.

(via: Inhabitat)


1 Response to “Plastic Bags | We Have a Problem”

  1. 1 heps January 14, 2008 at 10:17 pm

    I believe taxes on plastic bags are way to go, once they will be considerably more expensive than paper bags… you know :)

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