Achtung Kinder – Bauhaus Is Back


Der Spiegel is reporting today about the new Social Houseing Award sponsored by The Bauhaus-Dessau Foundation. All young architects are encouraged to think about poverty and ”…build attractive homes for the poor”. The competition is called “Housing shortages: The minimum subsistence level housing of today.” Provocative? Yes.

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(via: TreeHugger via: Der Spiegel)

The foundation’s executive director Omar Akbar wants to ”place architecture, design and his own organization back into the social and political landscape”. He wants to draw our attention to a problem “that no longer seems to interest today’s architects: poverty and destitution.” That stroke me. Poverty and destitution no longer interes architects. I hereby agree with mr. Omar and feel semi-ashamed because I’m not an architect yet and my future is yet to be defined. Thankfully. The topic is not shiny and not fancy, instead it’s a real design problem that is to be adressed head on.

The first project from 1929: Bauhaus Siedlung Dessau-Törten




(plan and facades provided by Marjetka, hvala*)


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