Eye Candy From Across The Pond


Dan Barry took a trip with Kenneth Fry and photographer Ángel Franco and as a result wrote an article entitled A Place Just Like Every Other Place. Only Not. that was published by The New York Times on Dec23rd 2007. This video is part of that article addressing the problem of visual pollution in the States. “Kenneth Fry is the president of Scenic America, and organization that works to preserve and enhance the visual character of America’s communities. The visual pollution they try to address can be found almost anywhere/…”

We should not point any fingers at US because of this but rather realize that this might happen/ is happening in Europe as well, and as future architects and city planners it is our duty to design with conscience. Also check out the James Howard Kunstler’s talk about The Clusterfuck Nation. Holy ugly shit, now my eyes are hurting. If you ever design something like that, I shall poke you in the eye repeatedly with a rusty fork.


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