Zorrozaure Masterplan, Bilbao | Zaha Hadid Architects


And it’s out! I’ve been waiting for this one with anticipation. This was my urbanism project in 2005 and I think every single architecture student around Bilbao was working on it for one class or another. Sadly I have to inform you, that none of us won any awards because a certain Zaha Hadid came by swinging her magic stick. That’s ok Zaha, we’re cool.

The location is in Bilbao ona a peninsula in the Nervión river which used to be a port area of the city. Imagine a deserted, ugly, brown kind of grayish area with spooky industrial buildings hovering over a yellow river. That’s how it used to look like. The basic idea of the renewal is to inhabit the peninsula with citizens and patch it with green zones and at the same time connenct it with the rest of the city. I hope the city of Bilbao will go through with this plan, that town has a bright future. Now if only we could talk some sense in the heads of ETA extremists, that region could be down right cool.

/more renderings after the jump

zahahadidzorrozaurreearlystudies2.jpgzahahadidzorrozaurreearlystudies1.jpgzahahadidzorrozaurre5.jpg zahahadidzorrozaurre3.jpgzahahadidzorrozaurre1.jpgzahahadidzorrozaurre.jpg

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3 Responses to “Zorrozaure Masterplan, Bilbao | Zaha Hadid Architects”

  1. 1 Mikel April 4, 2008 at 7:55 pm

    hey what’s up
    I’m a teen who lives in the hood (San Ignacio) that you see behind the future island. Well, the plan looks all right,it’s elegant, town’s attractive would increase. there are only two troubles: firstly, some neighbors from Sani don’t like the several high buildings which are going to be built here, sorrounding the hood, disappearing the sights to the channel and “massificating” it. there are already 5,ooo signatures so as to stop this.
    The other problem is this one: Bilbao’s metropolitan area’s most narrow area is this peninsula and my suburb. Bilbao’s got very few free terrains, the rest are the mountains my town is surrounded by. And what this urbanistic project studies is dividing this area even more, creating a very long an narrow island, and the actual three hoods of my side which form a long line, one after the other. I know it wouldn’t be cool, but imagine the area only crossed by Nervion river, with no channels: that new area, if urbanized, would be with no doubts, th second district, and connecting zorroza, a hood which is currently isolated.
    I know lots of people have illusion of seing your singular project, but think about what i’ve explained to you.
    urs sincerely

  2. 2 wai April 5, 2008 at 9:59 am

    Hey Mikel,

    thanks for the comment. I see your point clearly and it makes sense. Controversy was evoked years ago when the idea of renewing the peninsula came forth. The city of Bilbao saw numerous urban plans of the location before Hadid took the price. I, for one, think that renovation is crucial, but not necessarily in this form. The students at ETSA Donostia had different ideas of how to make this area as green as possible with low rise buildings.

    But in the end you have to understand that the city of Bilbao, and not the architect him/herself, enforces the Floor Space Index (FSI) that dictates the usage of the land. They basically tell you how many square meters of apartments, shops and offices they need and you can’t do anything but to build more floors. You are well aware of the strategical importance of this area, so you know this will be a huge cash maker for your town. I think they went for the ‘Manhattan model’ on this one. And I’m afraid that the high rise buildings will block the views for San Inazio. I have been to your neighborhood and I know what they’re taking away from you. Having that said, your voice can’t be heard unless you do the petition but I’m afraid that the public revelation was done years ago, and it might me too late.

    I’m not quite sure what you mean by this:”And what this urbanistic project studies is dividing this area even more, creating a very long an narrow island, and the actual three hoods of my side which form a long line, one after the other.” Are you talking about San Inazio, Sarriko and Deusto? I think/hope the plan won’t divide them, I’m sure they will take care of the connections below the bridges.

    Good luck!

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