The Controversy of The Czech National Library by Jan Kaplicky


We’ve all seen the renderings and heard the story about how Jan Kaplicky wants to build this new library in Prague. The news’s been out for quite a while now yet the controversy continues. You can read the article written by The Guardian here. I understand the concern that ”averageness and banality [will] triumph again” if it doesn’t get built but I am not quite convinced by the bold design. I wouldn’t want to diss the whole idea of building something outstanding in Prague, but I hope they’re not doing this solely for the reason to have a crazy piece of architecture. The building won me over because of it’s eco features (by Treehugger, June3rd 07):

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-carefully controlled natural lighting sufficient for reading during 70% of the library’s open hours;
-natural cooling and warming of incoming air through a thermal labyrinth constructed in the basement walls around the massive underground book storage (room for ten million volumes down there)
-low velocity air supply through raised floors

I do not like the design but that’s just my opinion. I think It’d be more pleasing to the eye if they were to change the shield’s colors. But than…


The Czech National Library / JBL Creature II 2.1 speaker system

I mean I’m just saying :D

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