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I doodle a lot. On napkins, on the back of the bill, on the table… And I like trees. Connect the dots and you can guess that I’m happy to find out that some design student, Avery Holleman, came up with a napkin PC. I hope the product will hit the market soon because I need to get one in case it is indeed as sustainable as they say it is. Recycable and all. My brother has the Wacom Bamboo which is a relative of the Napkin PC, but I don’t like it too much. Probably because I suck at using it but mostly because it takes way too much resources to make it and way too much effort to recycle it. Oh – and you have to plug it into a PC which I don’t carry around with me in my pocket/ purse. Call me weird. This thing however is an inductively powered device, you can recycle it and you don’t have to waste paper for your sketches anymore. Good ol’ paper. I do love it and I am skeptical about the Napkin PC being completely ‘eco’. It could be great but the whole thing could just result in more e-waste.

/more after the jump (cool renderings btw)


(via: Yankodesign)


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