COMPOD by Philipp Haselwander


COMPOD was born out of a cooperation project with the Fachhochschule Joanneum university in Graz, Austria: Under the supervision of designer Martin Ballendat, students in their final semester of the industrial design course were given the task of creating a new approach to the future „Lebenswelt“ of the office. Their brief was to come up with ideas for organisation and space designs in the light of the ever-changing world of work. A central theme of their work was the relationship or crossover between working processes, people, space and products in a new context.

Philipp Haselwander, who has in the meanwhile graduated from the FH in Graz, is reponsible for the design of COMPOD. His objective was to create a simple, individual laptop workspace away from the everday work routine at a desk. A range of furniture that supports concentrated work on a computer just as well as creative communication.

Product website.

(via: Designspotter)


1 Response to “COMPOD by Philipp Haselwander”

  1. 1 Francis Q. Bermudez July 9, 2013 at 1:40 pm

    Do you any supplier for this furniture based in Dubai? Our company is interested to purchase for our lounge area.

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